Social Media Intelligence
Opinions Matter
People's opinions is one of the most important driving force in all human history. From dawn of civilization it has steered the course of humanity. Whether it is on global scale or it is on individual level the simple fact is that Opinions Matter.
Today the most unbiased mass mediums available to express opinion is the Social Media platforms on the internet. It is a revolution in true sense that for the first time in human history anyone can speak out to everyone on the planet. Having a sound ear towards all this chatter is imperative for any brand or company. This will allow understanding feedback not only about your products and services but also that of your competitors. Our cutting edge Natural Language Processing algorithms (NLP) make this possible in real-time.

Social Media Search Engine
Gab Chase
We have designed our very own NLP engine that has over million phrases with around 100 million connections and its growing. We lovingly call it Gab Chase because it's curious about everything and it is learning on its own. What Gab Chase allows us to tell you is not only what is being said but also what it implies.

What this means is that informed decisions can be taken not on the basis of what a sample of people think but a much, much larger base. A base that includes every individual who sees or interacts with your brand and even those of your competitor.

Simply put, our Gab Chase says the what, the why and the how of all opinions. It is literally a microscope for the social web.