Patterns are there for seeking
In a way we are all pattern seekers. By definition any type of useful data has diverse patterns in it. Ability to read these patterns is what make the data useful. Obviously as the data gets sophisticated so should be the technology analysing it.
In traditional statistics you to look for patterns that you know that are important, which we call the known unknowns. For example, you have an equation or a formula and it tells you precisely what you are already looking for. But what about new emerging patterns from all this new type of data? We believe that artificial intelligence is the only way to understand something about data that you don't even know exists, in other words the unknown unknowns.

We have evolved a process to analyize exactly these unknown-unknows

Process For AI Engine
Steps for predictive analytics


Define Business Needs

Define the decision that you want to make. Also break it into smaller problems based on available data and nature of business challenges.


Analyze Available Data

Different data sets will have distinct patterns in them, hence we need to prepare data not just acquire it so that the data is statistically valid and stable to yield best results.


Understand Real-world Challenges

There will be various operational, compliance, technical etc. challenges that need to be addressed. Operational could be time sensitive i.e. real-time prediction VS daily predictions. Compliance couls be the type of data we can use based on privacy restrictions. And technical challenge could be the volume of data and the cost of computational resources that are required.


Application of Optimum Algorithm

There is no single algorithm that can perform consistently in this changing environment. There is no golden bullet in this complex system. Hence we have cultivated a plethora of AI techniques in addition to algorithms.


Reporting Of Data

Representation of data is of paramount importance. We aid this by creating visual charts and detailed reports for accurate interpretation of the results.


Creating Self-Adapting System

By creating a self-adaptive system we mean two things – one which modifies itself based on new data points and the other which is agile enough to consider new attributes.
We believe that the class of algorithms that we use are the only avenue to constantly adapt and to seek new patterns. In todays complicated world only better grasp of this new and unseen reality will lead to better business decisions.

The Future
Looking into the future
Artificial Intelligence consists of learning algorithms which consume the historical data and based on it predict the future. In an abstract way this is very similar to how human being or for that matter any living thing will behave. For example, if there is a traffic on a particular rout to office you will learn to avoid it by having experienced it. Similarly, these algorithms learn to evolve with ever growing data and come up with the best course of action.
We believe that this AI based technologies have opened door to many new possibilities. Artificial Intelligence based algorithms will aid you to steer in a right direction while making critical decisions. When everyone has a lot of data at disposal, making sense of that data to look into the possible future is imperative.
We invite you to look forward for the future with us.