About us
Bicycle for the thought
We want to make tools to amplify human ability, in other words we want to create a bicycle for human thought.
Our motivation is to create solutions that are beyond conventional, they are not just smart but they are learning and that they are truly intelligent! The artificial intelligence coupled with technology such as Big Data becomes not merely a solution, but it's a platform in its own rights. A platform from which the biggest problems from energy crises to day to day issues like predicting traffic on your rout can be solved. This vision comes from a core belief that artificial intelligence is the next major step in information technology and we want to be part of it.
Our Founder
Parnil Mhatre is the Founder of Quantum Four – an Artificial Intelligence Lab specializing in, predictive solutions, natural language processing and big data computing. With masters’ degrees in A.I. from UCL, University of Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt University UK, Parnil has an expertise in Neural Computation, Genetic Algorithms and Natural Language Processing. A passionate advocate for integrating scientific advancements in A.I. to real world challenges, he has been working in this field for the past 14 years.

With a strong math background, coupled with the drive to evolve with new technologies, he aims to nurture Quantum Four into an A.I. lab which does not focus, only on a particular technology, but rather challenges itself to apply a customized array of solutions depending on the business problem at hand.

In Quantum Four, Parnil has built his own A.I algorithm to predict human behavior called Social Behavior Filtering. The first place ‘SBF’ is being used in India’s fastest growing short-term lending fintech company called CASHe. Currently it is being successfully applied to take lending decisions at CASHe for loans worth 300 Cr across the country. This algorithm has already been registered for a US patent. Apart form this, Quantum Four also focuses on social media intelligence and video analytics technologies.

Parnil believes that many of today’s business challenges can only be solved by A.I., a system that learns itself.

The Future
The times they are a-changin'
In the past, technical challenges were predominantly about gathering and organizing information or fetching the information for its intended user. These are no longer challenges; this era is about using this enormous information, making sense out of it.
In the world where everyone is privy to large quantity of data, making sense of the knowledge contained within becomes imperative. But what if your data is growing and enriching at the same time? The analytical solutions that worked well may not be able to cope with new type of data.
Only way forward is to have solutions with an algorithm that improves itself. New generation of solutions, not only manages the data but breaths data and adapts itself to new opportunities. With our Big Data technologies and finely tuned algorithms we can surely achieve this.
Our team
Our team consists of highly trained mathematicians, big data programmers and business analysts. This passionate team drives technologies in Artificial Intelligence forward. We have our own Big Data platform where we can execute our algorithms over complex and large scale data for you. We believe that the technology can help achieve anything. We are drawn to all things Artificial Intelligence; we think that it is the future.